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 A Message from our State President

Welcome To 2020-2021

I have heard from many that we want this year to be over as soon as possible!  COVID-19 fear, non-essential businesses, social distancing and riots are wearing everyone out.  Much of this is beyond our control and that frustrates us.  Our mental health is suffering due to this stress. 

I am always looking for solutions to whatever the problem is, but there is really only one thing you can control, and that is your reaction.  To make yourself feel better I suggest you find a way to connect with someone who is in need.  Work to help them and their problems, and it will make you feel better. 

That is what I am planning for this next term as your state president.  We have a great team of leaders and experts who will be working to make you feel better about our industry and our organization.  Our association has always been about helping brokers and industry professionals and in the months to come we will be sharing with you exactly what we are doing for you and what is yet planned. 

Please reach out to your local presidents if you need help or have questions or want to know more.

Thank you,

Gene Furr
Nevada State President 2020-21