A Message from our State President

There has never been a more challenging and rewarding time as this to be a producer in
Nevada. Being an agent in Nevada with the backing of a great association like NAHU is a
great complement for our industry.

If you are not currently a member or considering a membership – reach out to your local
chapter and attend a meeting or two. Get involved. Now more than ever, NAHU is at
the core of our industry, and is constantly at work to ensure the sustainability of what
we are passionate about every day.

Did you know that your local chapters have monthly luncheons that are geared towards
professional development and continuing education? They also have fun events such as
golf, bowling and parties (heck, we know how to have a little fun, too!).

NAHU needs your support, not only on the local, and state levels but nationally as well.
Without our member’s support, we would not have accomplished so much legislatively.
Get to know your Senators and Congressmen and Congresswomen. 2019 is a legislative
year in Carson City with Bills that impact our industry. There has never been a more
important time to have a say in what happens in our profession.

It is also a great time to get in contact with your colleagues and see how you can help.
Help to make this the best year that you can and be that producer who helps to make
the positive changes that best suits our clients.

Don’t know where to start? I will be happy to go over the benefits of getting involved.
Trust me, you will be glad that you did!

There are those that watch, those that participate, and those that make things happen.
Which one are you?

Grace Daidone, 
Nevada AHU President - 2018-19